Bushway Waystack - Divorce: What You Need to Know About Preparation & Delivery
People get divorced for many reasons including infidelity, abuse, neglect, desertion, and more. No matter the reason, divorce can be a frustrating time, especially the months leading up to divorce. However, there are a few steps you can take to prepare yourself.
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Bushway Waystack - Juvenile Crimes & the Law: What to Expect
Each year, thousands of kids are incarcerated in detention centers for breaking the law. There is an overwhelming number of males and minorities in these centers. However, the number of females being charged with crimes is growing at a steady rate. Juvenile delinquency is simply a crime committed by a minor. As with other laws, when you break them, there are consequences.
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Bushway Waystack - Take the plea offer or go to trial? Know your options.
If you are facing criminal charges, the prosecutor may, but doesn’t have to, offer you a plea. The prosecutor can make the plea offer immediately after an arrest or on the eve of trial. The decision whether to take the plea or go to trial rests entirely with the person charged with the crime. However, a criminal defense attorney can explain the legal risks of a trial and the consequences of taking a plea.
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Bushway Waystack - I Had a Slip & Fall Accident: What Should I Do Now?
A slip-and-fall accident is a type of personal injury accident. If necessary, seek medical attention immediately after slipping and falling. Afterward, contact the Bushway & Waystack attorneys should your injuries require a lawsuit.
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Bushway Waystack - Get to Know Our Law Firm
The Bushway & Waystack private practice law firm has been serving the Middle Georgia community for three years. However, the attorneys at Bushway & Waystack have nearly 40 years of combined legal expertise. We have immense knowledge and experience in family law, personal injury, and criminal law.
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Bushway Waystack - Explaining Your Miranda Rights
The Miranda Rights were implemented 50 years ago to protect United States citizens against unethical police intimidation. Since then, police officers must read the Miranda Rights to you in any situation that guilt may be questionable.
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