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    Child support laws differ from state to state. Georgia uses the “Income Shares Model” which estimates how much would be spent on the child were the family intact. This model divides the amount proportionately based on income of the parents.

    The Georgia Child Support Commission provides parents with calculators and spreadsheets to help them determine what their payments would look like. These worksheets will compile information such as:

    • Annual Child Care Cost
    • Children Being Supported
    • Cost of Education
    • Healthcare Expenses
    • Total Income of Both Parents

    Child Support Modifications

    Child support is subject to modifications throughout its duration. There are numerous factors that may cause a necessary modification, such as:

    Salary Increase/Decrease: When a salary skyrockets with a promotion or plummets with a lost job, the amount of child support will need to be adjusted accordingly.

    Change in Custody: Should custody shift between parents, the former custodial parent will need to begin paying child support to the new custodial parent.

    Change in the Child’s Needs: If the child’s needs change, such as the development of a medical condition, the amount of child support may be adjusted.

    If you find yourself in circumstances where a modification is necessary, you must petition the court and have the judge set it in motion with a court order. The attorneys at Bushway & Waystack can help you determine if a modification is necessary and guide you through the petition process.

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