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    Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most stressful and difficult experiences a person can go through. It is a complicated decision that significantly impacts not only the two people divorcing, but their children, family, and friends. Once the decision to divorce is made, it can be a complex process that requires many personal and financial decisions. It is in your best interest to have an experienced attorney to guide you through every step of the process.

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    In every divorce case, our primary goal is an outcome that satisfies the client. Unless the divorce is completely amicable and both parties are in complete agreement, sacrifices and compromises will need to be made. However, our attorneys protect and fight for our clients’ best interests.

    Divorce is so complex because of the legal matters it brings with it, such as:

    In addition to our experience with divorce proceedings, the divorce attorneys at Bushway & Waystack are both former prosecutors with years of experience in the courtroom. Should your case go to trial, you can be sure that we are ready to take on the challenge of defending your rights and seeking the best result for you.

    When getting a divorce, there are multiple steps you should take:

    • Consult an Attorney: Getting advice from an attorney should be the first step you take. An attorney who is knowledgeable in family law and divorce can give you expert advice based on your situation and circumstances.
    • Compile Important Financial Documents & Records: It can be crucial to obtain all of your financial information about your mortgage, car loan, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and taxes. Additionally, you should compile accurate information about salaries, benefits, credit, as well as your household expenses.
    • Itemize Valuables & Other Household Items: Large and expensive items are assets and may factor into the division of property between you and your spouse. Make a list of anything valuable such as jewelry and vehicles.
    • Don’t Involve Your Kids: Too often, parents put their children in the middle of their problems and it causes stress for both the parents and kids. Do whatever you can to make sure their lives remain as normal as possible.

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