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    A DUI arrest is an extremely stressful and difficult experience that may severely impact your life. Not only does it put your driver’s license at risk, but it can seriously damage your career and reputation. We have successfully represented numerous defendants facing DUI charges. We are here to provide you with the same level of commitment, dedication, and representation.

    The attorneys at Bushway & Waystack are committed to protecting your rights. Their experience as longtime prosecutors provides the basis for knowing how to guide you through this difficult process. As prosecutors, Gregory Bushway and Keagan Waystack tried numerous DUI cases. Because of their experience, they are uniquely positioned to understand the strategies and techniques that prosecutors may use. This firsthand experience as prosecutors gives our attorneys a distinct advantage when preparing your defense.

    Your defense begins with a careful analysis of the facts and evidence surrounding your arrest. The attorneys at Bushway & Waystack review all the evidence in your case, such as police video and incident reports, to craft your strongest defense. DUI cases are not always as straightforward as they may seem. The legal requirements that apply to DUI arrests are both numerous and complex. Law enforcement officers are required to comply with the law and procedure or the DUI arrest may not stand.

    You are more likely to have your DUI dismissed or resolved favorably when you trust an experienced lawyer with your case. Our experience as prosecutors translates into a stronger defense for you. The attorneys at Bushway & Waystack handle DUI cases in probate courts, city courts, municipal courts, state and superior courts throughout Georgia, including Macon, Warner Robins, Perry, Gray, Eatonton, Monticello, Milledgeville, Jeffersonville, Cochran, Eastman, Forsyth, Hawkinsville, Fort Valley, Dublin, Cordele, Griffin, and McDonough.

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