Violent Crimes

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    Violent crimes are among the most aggressively prosecuted cases and carry with them serious charges. When you’re charged with a violent crime and your future is in jeopardy, you need an experienced attorney who has your best interest at heart.

    Because our attorneys have many years of experience as prosecutors, we have the unique ability to look at a case from every angle and choose the best way to approach it. We’re well versed in the many techniques and methods the prosecution uses as it pursues a conviction and a heavy sentence.

    If you’re charged with and convicted of a violent crime, serious consequences such as jail time will occur. Additionally, a violent crime conviction, like aggravated assault, can severely impact your ability to obtain employment, housing, certifications and licenses, and more. Additionally, the damage done to your personal reputation can be irreparable.

    The attorneys at Bushway & Waystack are dedicated to fighting for your rights.

    As prosecutors, Gregory Bushway and Keagan Waystack were involved in hundreds of criminal investigations. This uniquely qualifies them to analyze and understand the prosecution’s case against you or your loved one and enables them to mount the strongest possible defense.

    Furthermore, Gregory Bushway has been involved in three separate death penalty cases, giving him special insight into how the State prosecutes these serious cases.

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