When you must hire a criminal defense attorney, you need someone with plenty of experience in the courtroom. Hiring a former prosecutor ensures your lawyer has the skills necessary to defend you. Former prosecutors bring benefits to your defense that could mean the difference between being found guilty or not-guilty.

A Former Prosecutor Has Extensive Courtroom Experience

Not every lawyer has gone to trial, as many cases are settled outside the courtroom. Former prosecutors have argued cases ranging from minor infractions to serious crimes, giving them the courtroom experience needed to represent your case. Both partners at Bushway & Waystack have years of courtroom experience as former prosecutors.

They Have Deep Knowledge of the Criminal Justice System

Having worked in the criminal justice system, former prosecutors know the ins and outs of the process. Bushway & Waystack can educate you on what to expect, and they can anticipate the twists and turns your case might take.

They Are Familiar with the Prosecution’s Techniques

Former prosecutors understand both sides of a criminal court case, which gives them a competitive advantage. They can foresee what methods the prosecution might use in your case and prepare to react to those methods.

A Former Prosecutor Understands Law Enforcement Techniques

A prosecutor works closely with law enforcement when preparing a case. Therefore, a former prosecutor understands how local law enforcement works. This knowledge helps with ensuring you are treated fairly by police and investigators. At Bushway & Waystack, it’s our job to guide you through this complicated process.

They Are Acquainted with Local Courts

Former prosecutors who have worked in local courts know how certain judges act, and they understand how juries in the past have ruled on similar cases. This helps your lawyer decide which techniques are most useful to your defense.

Trust the Former Prosecutors at Bushway & Waystack

The attorneys at Bushway & Waystack are both former prosecutors, having served as Assistant District Attorneys for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit. Because of their immense experience, they have the ability to represent you in cases ranging from death penalty to DUI. To begin preparing your defense, contact Bushway & Waystack at (478) 621-4995.